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Microlearning is a concept that continues to gain popularity since it emerged in the early 2000s. Some of its many benefits include:

  • Immediately being able to put new knowledge to use (think YouTube tutorials on just about anything)

  • Less time away from the job

  • Focus on just the necessary information

  • Versatility, adaptability


What is it?


It’s there in the name: micro. Small. Brief.


Microlearning focuses only on the information required. It’s the “need to know” not “nice to know”. It could be a video, like the YouTube tutorials mentioned above, but it could also be a graphic, a podcast, a photograph, an online activity - the options are really only limited by your resources, situation, and imagination.


This brief article from the Association for Talent Development provides an excellent overview that goes into a little more detail. (You could also consider it microlearning.)

If you want more information on how to incorporate microlearning into your training strategy, get in touch to set up a free consultation.

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