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Instructor-led Learning Solutions

Classroom Training

Most people are familiar with traditional workshops and classroom sessions. What they're not familiar with is what's required to make them successful.

While knowledge of a topic is the foundation, it's not enough to make the learning stick. Based on years of instructional design experience and principles of adult learning, I can help you design instructor-led sessions that will engage your learners and help them transfer what they learn to the job.


Virtual Instructor-led (VILT)

Virtual instructor-led training happens when a group of learners meet online at the same time, led by an instructor or facilitator. During the pandemic, this has become a required tool for any organization that has to deliver training.

And while you might think any classroom instructor should be able to sit in front of a camera and deliver the same content, the two environments are very different. VILT content should be designed and structured differently because engaging an online audience requires methods that vary significantly from in-person sessions.


When it comes to the technology, many businesses can use tools they already own like Zoom, Skype, Webex, etc. 

If you want to explore this option for your organization, click below to arrange a free consultation.


Which one is better?

The short answer is: “neither”.

Each has benefits and limitations. It’s up to training experts and content developers to determine which one - or which combination - is the best solution for your learners. 

For guidance on how to implement a training strategy for your organization, get in touch to set up a free initial consultation.

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