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Practice / Reinforcement Examples

These samples are not only for evaluating my work. I also hope that they will get people to think beyond traditional training concepts.

As I discuss in my blog post, we quickly forget most information that's presented to us, whether through e-learning on in a live session. It's important for learners to have the chance to apply what they learn, which is what prompted me to develop my Practice Series, and incorporate them into all of my training development.

Pronoun title slide.PNG

This is a practice scenario, designed for supervisors who have already completed some DE&I training, whether it was e-learning or in a live session.

See if you can help Rhoda navigate a conversation with a team member who has just come out to her.

Hot Work title slide.PNG

This short scenario was taken from an e-learning course and repurposed as a practice or reinforcement exercise.

Hot work operators who have completed their training can apply what they learned in a realistic scenario.


​​This interactive resume is a new twist on a necessary tool. It allows the prospective employer to review the information in whatever priority they have, and it gives you an opportunity to expand on things, as I did with my professional certifications.

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