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Blended Learning Solutions

The term “blended learning” refers to using multiple delivery methods to achieve a particular learning goal. Requiring learners complete an online module or read a book before attending an in-person workshop or class is a common example.


The components of your solution can include any variety of methods and tools. The exact blend depends on several factors:

  • The knowledge or skill you want your participants to gain (learning objectives)

  • The complexity of the subject matter

  • Available technology

  • Time and schedule constraints

  • Budget

  • Development resources

  • Audience motivation and engagement


Blended learning solutions effectively target and reinforce concepts because they use the delivery methods best suited for each learning objective. It takes some additional analysis in the beginning, but the results are worth it.


If you’d like to explore how to incorporate blended learning into your training strategy, get in touch to arrange a free initial consultation.

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