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It's a Big Job

"With many years of instructional design

  experience and continuing education in

  the field, I can help."

Lisa DelCol (She/Her)



I love what I do because it can be applied to any subject or company, and it brings me into contact with people I would not meet otherwise. A couple of my passions are leadership development and culture training, especially as it relates to the LGBTQ2S+ (a.k.a. "Rainbow") community. I am also certified in change management, which is a critical component for any cultural/diversity training initiative to be successful.


Effective training happens by design, when you:


  • align your training goals with your organization’s strategic objectives;

  • create the training and tools that directly support them;

  • identify the best way to convey information and distribute those tools.


If all of this doesn’t sync, your training won’t give you the results you’re looking for or worse, miss the mark completely.


​​​​My instructional design, facilitation, and project management background are ideal for identifying relevant stakeholders and bringing them together to achieve your goals.


I’ll work with your team and help empower them to create meaningful learning experiences, whether that’s online, in person, or some combination of those.

Building on the experience and expertise of your subject matter experts, trainers, facilitators, and content developers, we will create a plan targeted at your organization’s specific needs.

Get in touch to set up a free initial consultation.

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